Photos of London
PHOTOPOLIS - Equipment Page

The early photos were taken using a Nikon F60 with 28-80 and 75-240 Nikon lenses and a 2x teleconverter and an Olympus µ80 compact. Most of the photos were processed on to Kodak Picture CDs, some I scanned using an Agfa 1212 scanner. Apart from cropping and the odd "Instant Fix" the images are pretty much as they came on Kodak's CD or back from lab.
In June 2001, the Olympus replaced by a Yashica T5 and the Agfa by a HP Scanjet 5370C.
In July 2001 the F60 was joined by a F80 with a Tamron 24-135.
The Yashica was stolen in July 2002 and replaced with a Ricoh GR1v.
In February 2003 I started using a Nikon Coolscan IV film scanner.
I have used all kinds of film, most of it Fuji on the site. Since buying the Coolscan I have been concentrating on slide film, mainly Velvia and Provia.
In June 2003 the Ricoh bust (I never liked it anyway) and was replaced with a Fuji Zoom f2.8.
Also in June a Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens was added.
In July 2003 a Sigma 70-300 APO Mk11 was added.

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